Application Process

Welcome to Earth Angels Agency,

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Earth Angel, we're excited about having you involved with the exciting film and TV projects we're working on with award winning filmmakers and charity organisations around the world. Below is a summary of our website, which will help you to understand what it means to become an Earth Angel.

As an Earth Angel you will be paid an income to attend events and appear in film projects. This income is yours to keep, however beyond your income the core of our mission is to assemble a team of influencer models, who are passionate and determined to make a positive global change. Earth Angels Agency is comprised of world class influencer models who collectively reach tens of millions of people across social media. Together we will endevour to raise millions of dollars for positive change.

The Illuminating of Global Issues

Earth Angels Agency is a company that has developed close relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands. By connecting Earth Angels with these brands, in exchange for media exposure, Earth Angels Agency receives income from the brand sponsors. 100% of the revenue from Earth Angels Agency will be provided through Earth Angels to the most efficient and effectively run organisations and charities in the world to support the illuminating of global issues.

MAAT - Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice

Beverly Hills Productions is a film and television company who for over a decade has created award-winning content that entertains as well as educates. Their films have helped change global policy and illuminate global issues to Heads of State. Their content has been screened worldwide in theatres, TV networks, digital streams like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, at The White House, DAVOS, The House of Senate, The Vatican, The Pentagon, the UN General Assembly to leaders of the world and universities around the world.

MAAT (Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice) is a content-for-good platform, its core focus will be to fund and mentor films and television shows, with the help of donations from Earth Angels Agency. MAAT will drive universal stories that need to be told to the masses via strategic alliances with Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, CNN, NBC, CBS, Discovery, History Channel and Sundance Institute.

Earth Angels will be involved in the production of film and TV projects alongside award winning filmmakers, appearing as talent in many of these films. Earth Angels will also be involved with the distribution of short video clips to their tens of millions of fans, illuminating the importance of “content for good”.

BossYachtClub Cares

BossYachtClub is a private members club for professional high-net-worth businessmen and businesswomen. BossYachtClub Cares is committed to creating a number of truly valuable events that will raise money in ways that will connect with their members by supporting the efforts of Earth Angels and MAAT. BossYachtClub members will pay to attend and experience being a part of suitable content for good film and TV projects, which will help to underwrite these projects. Beyond these experiences, Earth Angels will also be paid an income to attend BossYachtClub Cares events.

Current Film and TV Projects for Earth Angels

Earth Angels and MAAT will be involved with many projects over the years, current projects include:

  • Climate Refugees 2 - The original “Climate Refugees” was the centrepiece film at the United Nations, screened at The White House, The House and Congress, The Pentagon, DAVOS, The Vatican, received many domestic and international awards. It is also the highest rated documentary about climate change on IMDB. The film had its world premier at Sundance Film Festival and then on Netflix. Climate Refugees 2 is an important and timely documentary that investigates the unbelievable plight of people around the world displaced by climatically-induced environmental disasters. A film by Michael Nash an Irish/American filmmaker who MovieMaker Magazine named one of the “Top 10 MovieMakers Of The Planet”.

  • Pollinators Under Pressure - A film about the plight of pollinators around the world and the actions we can all take to ensure their survival, and that of humans and ecosystems everywhere. Narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Rhino Shield - This Emmy Award-winning short by filmmaker Billy Ward, documents Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife’s (VETPAW) counter-poaching operations in South Africa.

  • Earth Angels Destination Change - Earth Angles very own documentary series by award winning filmmakers Michael Nash and Billy Ward, which highlights the beauty, pain and courageous people fighting for change.

Earth Angels Destination Change


Over and above the film and TV projects listed above, Earth Angels will also travel around the globe with their very own show Earth Angels Destination Change, seeking solutions to our greatest obstacles. Combining documentary, high end photoshoots and short highly shareable digital content, our goal is to create a beautiful and inspiring series that creates maximum reach and maximum impact.

Earth Angels will work on the ground with associated charity organisations while on location filming. From the income generated from Earth Angels brand sponsors, Earth Angels will make donations to these charity organisations during the filming of each episode. This is also great content for your personal image on social media. 100% of the proceeds raised through distribution of each episode will also be donated by Earth Angels to the respective charity organisations. With your help, through the combined reach of our Earth Angels, each episode has the potential to be seen by millions of people and to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for these charity organisations.

Earth Angels will share short trips around the world together, filming content for good with our award winning filmmakers. These trips are all expenses paid and while working on location Earth Angels will also earn an income for themselves as part of the production crew, which will be paid for out of funds raised into Earth Angels Agency.

Earth Angels Destination Change will cover many topics over the coming years including:

  • Endangered Species - Some of the worlds most beloved animals are going extinct. Kenya is known for its safaris and national parks. With elephants facing so many threats, it’s no surprise we find them on the endangered species list. Some of the main struggles they face are poaching, loss of habitation and lack of water. Big cats that you hope to see on these safaris are either on the threatened or endangered list. Because of the rise in temperatures, cheetahs are having a hard time reproducing, extreme droughts are bringing tick born diseases to lions, and big cats overall are facing a world of new problems. Giraffe numbers are dwindling across Africa because of poaching and habitat loss caused by human population growth, according to wildlife experts, and it's happening largely unnoticed. As humans come into contact with chimpanzees more readily through bushmeat availability and open-access logging roads, the spread of zoonotic diseases such as Ebola, a deadly hemorrhagic fever, threaten both human and ape populations.

  • Our Oceans - Our oceans are in trouble and without immediate action we are in real danger of losing the underwater world that sustains life on earth forever. In the past 50 years we have lost 90% of the oceans fish and half of our coral reefs have disappeared. Even now, it is not to late, if we are vigilant, if we all become ambassadors for change we can restore our wild and magnificent oceans, as we are the caretakers of the planet and in order to have a healthy planet we need healthy oceans. “Hope Spots” are the breading ground of our oceans that are not yet protected under any law or country. Much needed public pressure is needed for governments to add protection areas for these important conservation sites.

  • Animals as Entertainment - Animals in the entertainment world live a life of torture and deprivation. They are often kept in cages too small for them and are forced to work long hours without food, water or rest. These animals are separated from there families at young ages and killed when they become sick or too old to perform.

  • Melting Ice Caps - Everyone is well aware of the relationship between global warming and the rising sea levels. With Alaska’s glaciers rapidly melting it creates a substantial problem for both humans and animals. Scientists from the University of Alaska have calculated that the state will receive roughly a foot of water every seven years due to the melting glaciers. With less ice and more water, animals such as polar bears are drowning in the search of finding resting points. The rising water means flooding in costal communities and more severe storms.

  • Deforestation - Rainforests play a huge role in helping stabilize the earth’s climate. The problem is as we emit higher carbon levels we’re also deforesting the rainforest making it impossible for these dense jungles to keep up with regulating climate. Brazil is home to the largest area of the Amazon Rainforest which houses 10% of species known to the world. The good news is there are people fighting to protect this magical place. But even if we can save it from deforestation it still faces droughts and other threats. 70% of the earths land is used to produce grain primarily to feed the animals we eat. Deforestation is indeed the primary threat to the orangutan, a species of great ape known for its keen intelligence and the fact that it's the largest animal to live primarily in trees. The result has been the loss of some 80 percent of the orangutans' habitat in just the last two decades.

  • Domestic Animal Welfare Abuse - In the last twenty years, researchers and advocates have learned a lot about how pet abuse and domestic violence are related, and how important this relationship is for early identification of both human and animal victims of abuse. Over time, some information may have become distorted or oversimplified. Multiple studies have found that from 49% to 71% of battered women reported that their pets had been threatened, harmed, and or killed by their partners. In a national survey, 85% of domestic violence shelters indicated that women coming to their facilities told of incidents of pet abuse.

  • Global Warming effects on food production - With India having such a large coastal line, it is a country more vulnerable to global warming. They have already experienced devastating floods in their crop fields as well as severe droughts. The countries who will experience the tragedies of global warming the most are the poorer countries. The countries who can’t afford to loose crops or homes, and who can’t withstand the rising heat. The countries like vibrant India.

  • Human Trafficking - An estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked throughout the world every year. Many sex trafficking victims are brought into the industry between the ages of 12 to 14 years old and there are an estimated 20 million slaves in the world today. This is a global issue happening all over the world, even in the United States of America.

  • The Ivory Trade - The demand for ivory to make decorative items, jewelry, and trinkets is pushing elephants to the brink of extinction. Burgeoning demand fuels poaching and trafficking, both of which are as dangerous as global arms, human and drug trafficking. In addition to supporting anti-poaching measures, Earth Angels Destination Change will address all the links in the ivory chain, from source to transit to consumption.

  • Homelessness - There are many different reasons for why people become homeless such as escaping abuse, veterans with disabilities from war, mental illness, etc. The government hasn’t come up with a good plan to end homelessness in America, but there are people who have. It is inexcusable for a country so rich to go to sleep with children on the street.

  • Prison System - One of the purposes of prison is to rehabilitate inmates preparing them to be reunited with society. However, 4 out of 10 prisoners will end up back in prison within 3 years of being released. Jails and prisons in the United States are packed with mentally ill who should be in hospitals, and addicts in desperate need of rehabilitation facilities.

  • Adopt don't Shop - There are so many pets that need homes in the United States. 4 to 5 million are killed every year. By shopping in pet stores rather than shelters, you’re supporting the production of more animals while there are already so many loosing their lives. Animals from pet stores usually come from breeders where the animals are mistreated and inbreed resulting in health issues down the road.

  • Meat Factories - Meat factories use around 16,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef. Livestock is accountable for 18% of green house gas admission, which is 40% more than all forms of transportation combined.

Earth Angels will travel around the world to the following destinations covering these topics with the filmmakers:

  • Africa

    • Elephants (Endangered Species)

    • Rhinos (Endangered Species)

    • Lions (Endangered Species)

    • Cheetahs (Endangered Species)

    • Leopards (Endangered Species)

    • Giraffes (Endangered Species)

    • Chimpanzee (Endangered Species)

  • Bahamas

    • Endangered Giant Hammerheads (Our Oceans)

    • Shark Research Conservation Centre (Our Oceans)

    • Dolphin and Manta Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Tiger Shark Conservation  (Our Oceans)

  • Mexico

    • World Heritage listed Marine Park Calbo Pulmo Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Endangered Totoaba Fish, Sea Dome Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Endangered Great White Shark Research and Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Endangered Giant Manta Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Shark Finning and Illegal Poaching Protection Program (Our Oceans)

    • Grass Roots child education and community conservation efforts (Our Oceans)

  • Cuba

    • Coral Reef Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Endangered Giant Grouper Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Crocodile Conservation (Our Oceans)

  • Cocos Island – Costa Rica

    • Marine Park Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Shark protection project and illegal poaching efforts (Our Oceans)

    • Deep Sea Exploration – Subersible voyage to the deep (Our Oceans)

  • Indonesia, PNG

    • Coral Triangle Reef Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Turtle Research and Conservation (Our Oceans)

  • India

    • Global Warming Effects of Food Production (Global Warming)

  • Brazil

    • Rainforests (Deforestation)

    • Orangutan (Endangered Species)

  • Palau

    • Turtle Research (Our Oceans)

    • Jelly Fish Lakes (Our Oceans)

    • Shark Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Reef Conseravtion (Our Oceans)

    • Illegal trade in marine jewellery and product (Our Oceans)

  • Tonga

    • Humpback Whale Research (Our Oceans)

    • Whale swimming (Our Oceans)

  • Dominica Republic

    • Sperm Whale Conservation  (Our Oceans)

    • Whale swimming (Our Oceans)

  • Pacific Ocean

    • Great Plastic Garbage Vortex – Plastic Clean up (Our Oceans)

  • The High Arctic

    • Polar Bear Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Sea Bird Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Melting Ice Caps (Global Warming)

  • Antarctica

    • Giant Penguin Research (Our Oceans)

    • Leopard Seal Conservation (Our Oceans)

    • Japanese whale hunting (Our Oceans)

  • China

    • Fish Markets - Illegal poaching and trade (Our Oceans)

    • The Ivory Trade (Endangered Species)

  • USA

    • Human Trafficking

    • Homelessness

    • Prison System

    • Adopt don't Shop

    • Meat Factories

  • Thailand

    • Tiger Entertainment (Animals as Entertainment)

    • Elephant Artists (Animals as Entertainment)

    • Dancing Monkeys (Animals as Entertainment)

  • Australia

    • Great Barrier Reef – coral reef research and protection (Our Oceans)

    • Minke Whale Research and protection (Our Oceans)

    • Shark Conservation and protection (Our Oceans)

  • Japan

    • Dolphin Slaughter for Sea World (Our Oceans)

    • Captive dolphin industry (Our Oceans)

  • North Atlantic - The Foroe Islands

    • Pilot Whale Slaughter (Our Oceans)

  • World Wide

    • Hope Spots (Our Oceans)

What's required of me as an Earth Angel?

Attending Events

In addition to all expenses paid travel, food and accommodation around the world and also being paid an income to attend charity events and an income to film content for good as outlined above, Earth Angels will also have their expenses paid to support the film and media campaigns for red carpet events, film festivals and world premieres by attending these events.

It's not compulsory to attend these charity events or film projects, but we do encourage you to attend as many as possible depending on your availability. Events and film projects also have limited capacity, so Earth Angels Agency will share this access amongst all of our Earth Angels so that everyone gets to participate in the exciting projects that we're involved in around the world.

Posting on Social Media

As an Earth Angel you are required to gift posts on your main Instagram and/or Facebook account, to support the illuminating of global issues, which in turn validates you by association as you are seen to be helping to make a positive global change alongside some of the most credible charity organisations in the world.

Earth Angels Agency is able to sell these posts to brand sponsors who wish to align with Earth Angels philanthropic endeavours, by having their brand placed within the image and tagged within the caption as shown in the examples below. The brands will also receive product placement in the films.

Each month we'll focus on a different cause. During the course of that month we ask that our Earth Angels post 1 post per week on your main Instagram and/or Facebook and 2 post per month on your Instastory / Facebook story as outlined below:

  1. The Film Poster, which is used to promote and advertise the episode/film with a mention of the brand sponsor in the caption (see example 1 below).

  2. The 1 min Trailer video, which advertises the full episode/film, which show highlights from the film including Earth Angels filming on-location including 5 seconds of the brand product placement, along with mention of the brand sponsor in the caption (see example 2 below).

  3. If you are on-location shooting with Earth Angels that month we ask that you post 2 relevant photos or videos with the brand sponsor in association with the cause we are filming. If you are not on location filming we ask that you simply share the Film Poster to your story with appropriate tags for the brand sponsor and organisations involved.

  4. Twice a month we ask that you post to your Instastory / Facebook story a direct link to the full content-for-good episode/film we are drawing awareness to that month, with a tag for the brand sponsor.

In summary that means over the course of 12 months, you'll have posted content for good which associates you with Earth Angels and validates you by association alongside the most credible charity organisations in the world. You will be seen to have helped to have raised millions of dollars for positive change and your fans will love you for it!

  • 12 x Individual Film Posters

  • 12 x Individual Trailer Videos with link to full movie

  • 2 x On-location posts for each film project you attend / 12 x film posters to your story

  • 24 story posts with link to full episode/film

Example 1 - Static Image



YOUR_INSTAGRAM As a proud Earth Angel I would like to thank @brandsponsor for their financial support so that we could help to create the film David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Orphans' Project. This is a documentary about the hugely successful elephant and rhino rescue and rehabilitation program in Kenya, East Africa.

Financial support from @brandsponsor also means that Earth Angels can foster orphan elephants and also adopt a school to provide children with 50 new desks, sports equipment, field trips and every element of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's educational program, delivered by their trained Anti-Poaching Units.

Stay tuned for this episode in the Earth Angels Destination Change series, as we travel with the world's most beautiful models around the globe, seeking solutions to our greatest obstacles.

#virginwater #davidsheldrickwildlifetrust #orphansproject #elephant #rhino #rescue #africa #kenya #antipoaching #earthangelsagency #earthangels #destinationchange #maat #contentforgood #documentary #film #charity #philanthropy

Example 2 - Video Trailer (autoplay)



YOUR_INSTAGRAM As a proud Earth Angel I would like to thank @virginwater for their financial support in helping to make Rhino Shield, which documents Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife’s (VETPAW) counter-poaching operations in South Africa.

Please visit to view the full movie on demand. 100% of the money raised from on demand views will be provided to VETPAW by Earth Angels, to help VETPAW continue their counter-poaching operations in South Africa.

#virginwater #rhinoshield #movie #rhino #southafrica #antipoaching #earthangelsagency #earthangels #contentforgood #documentary #film #charity #philanthropy

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