Earth Angels Luxury Retreats

In partnership with LHGFX Photography and Family Office Insights, Earth Angels Luxury Retreats is an investor gathering for companies looking for capital and/or marketing for their start-up entrepreneurial business. Our luxury retreats are a personal look into the dreamscape of the worlds top health and lifestyle beauty photographers, videographers, nutritionists and trainers, and the locations and models we work with.

LHGFX Photography

Formed in 2009, LHGFX Photography is one of the most sought after production teams in the world, with a world class team of professional photographers and videographers who work with the biggest internationally published fitness, fashion and glamour models in the world. These models have a tremendous fan base and collectively reach hundreds of millions of people on social media. LHGFX has been blessed to work with many of the biggest models in the business, including Michelle Lewin (12.5M), Anllela Sagra (9.2M), Paige Hathaway (4M), Sommer Ray (16.6M), Lauren Drain (3.6M), Lindsey Pelas (6.8M), Laci Somers (8.5M), Sandra Prikker (3.4M), Jessica Arevalo (2.7M), Julia Gilas (5M), Caroline De Campos (1.5M), Katya Henry (4M), Arianny Celeste (3M), Camilla Gimenez (1.7M), Chatel Zales (4.5M), Gracy Ann Barbosa (5.4M), Dolly Castro (5.8M), Ainsley Rodrigues (1.7M) and thousands more over the years.

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Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of over 20,000 family offices and other investors who have qualified for invitations to investor gatherings. Everyone has an agenda, “Where one stands, often depends on where one sits”. Family Office Insights agenda is to grow a well curated like-minded investor community that seeks to help protect, expand, and nurture wealth for multiple generations. We accelerate the nexus of connectivity to family office investors who invest in your type of offering or opportunity. One can meet all these family offices without a Family Office Insights investor gathering. It just may take 2-3 years.

We simply convene a group of Family Office Insights member family offices who are actively investing in your type of opportunity and choose to be pitched. They attend a proper pitch arranged just for you during our Earth Angels Luxury Retreats. We invite over 800+ mostly single-family offices with an invitation to attend, which includes a short interview that explains specifically your ask. You are the only presenter during a pitch luncheon during the retreat. No other presenters during your luncheon and we provide the contact information. We are also able to expose your opportunity to 2000+ family offices and the 20,000+ Family Office Insights readership via our Peer Insights Report.

Event Format

Each day consists of interviews and pitching, and taking part in exclusive photo shoot sessions, where you see and learn what goes into each shoot, set to the back drop of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world. If you would like to get behind the camera we offer one on one instruction with each photographer and take in the scene before you, as well as assist in developing the shot by assisting one of the team. Find out the secrets of taking basic photography and avoiding common mistakes in your own personal tutorial from some of the best in the industry. The perfect opportunity to take a giant leap forward in learning advanced photography skills.

Every retreat has also has a health and fitness aspect for those who are interested. Because we have carefully selected the best models and fitness experts including international cover models associated to these retreats, we will have top women and men in the field, both models and coaches alike that will take small groups thru morning bootcamps, yoga, nutrition and general questions. Go thru a personal work out session with your favorite model and instructor! You see them on social media... now meet and work with them all in person.

Upcoming Retreats


The Naka Island, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Phuket

2nd - 6th January 2019

Nestled among lush coconut groves, the emerald-green Andaman Sea and the majestic landscapes of Phuket, Thailand, our singular boutique resort, just steps from breathtaking ivory beaches, embodies the matchless romance of refined island living. Whether rejuvenating at Spa Naka, lounging on the tropical beaches or splashing in the pool, every moment at The Naka Island Resort & Spa is unforgettable. Energize throughout with epicurean delights from our memorable seaside restaurants, My Grill and Tonsai. Our 80 magnificently appointed rooms & villas, most with stunning views over Phang Nga Bay, boast refined Thai décor reflective of the island's natural beauty. Combining matchless service with sublime comfort, they guarantee an enchanting, unrivaled stay.


Nomade, Tulum

5th - 11th March 2019

Nomade Tulum is a human centered hotel, conceived as a temporary habitat for those ready to learn and share. Ready to awaken the soul, shake the body and free the mind. It is a space in a sacred land, on the main beach of tulum, just a few minutes away from the sea and next to be Tulum hotel. It is surrounded by the most beautiful white sanded beaches, along the Caribbean side. Focusing on creating an experience for self evolution we have put together a unique all year round program of knowledge sharing. Here the mind, body and soul of all our guest will be delighted and fulfilled by mother nature. You will embrace a personal transformation by the consciousness of community. 

Production Team

Lee Hagen, Harry and Allen Grigsby

The LHGFX photography team has worked with the best and most recognized fitness models in the world. Lee, Harry and Allen for the past decade the team has personally helped develop, shoot, or instruct many of the top leaders in the fitness and modeling industry. These models include Michelle Lewin, Paige Hathaway, Sandra Prikker, Lauren Drain just to name a few, as well as the newest upcoming models such as Katelyn Runck, Amy Lee Summers, Holly Barker,  Amy Leigh Quine and many more. Shooting over 100 different people a year, their passion for capturing the beauty and physique of each model has continued to help make the LHGFX team the top in the world. Lee is currently the largest photographer in the health and fitness industry on Instagram. The team has been published in every prominent fitness and glamour magazine both nationally and internationally including features in Sports Illustrated and on the production team for Maxim. In addition to magazine covers and inside features, they have worked on campaigns branding some of the largest supplement companies on the planet, shooting the imagery for Cellucor, GAT, USN, Magnum, SciTech, PEScience, Dymatize, MusclePharm and BodyBuilding.Com as well as many many others.

Arthur Andrew Bavelas

Arthur is Founder of BavelasGroup Family Office and Family Office Insights. As a globally recognized entrepreneur, author, and family office investor, Arthur Bavelas is a pioneer in developing one of the first private opportunity review networks, Family Office Insights, for investors within the family office community. Fostering a collaborative method of evaluation and delivering a more efficient potential investment pipeline, Family Office Insights initiates timely peer-to-peer review of limited access investment opportunities. Driven by dissatisfaction at lack of choices for private capital allocation, he founded Family Office Insights in 1998 to provide meaningful access and engagement opportunities for active, socially conscious entrepreneurs and wealth managers. Mr. Bavelas draws upon his own experience founding, building and exiting a successful technology startup to evaluate current opportunities that often feature innovative intellectual property, bridge customer/market access, or solve some of the world’s most daunting challenges. As a co-founder of The Global Sustainability Exchange and other impact efforts, Mr. Bavelas seeks to raise awareness and provide open access to technologies and innovation to effect societal and environmental change. He frequently speaks about wealth preservation and legacy investing. His written work has been published in The Wall StreetBloomberg, and Investment Advisor.

Pamela Martin

Pamela currently works as feature editor for Ocean Geographic, is a Submerged Nation Ambassador and Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore. Highlights of her career include; working as a United Nations photographer, covering President Jose Ramos Horta’s last weeks in office, shooting the Presidential Portrait for President Taur Matan Ruak and working on numerous book covers. She has covered a range of stories for Getty Images, Fairfax, Reuters, Australian Associated Press, Ocean Geographic, The Guardian and TIME Online. Her love of the ocean and diving has seen Pamela specialise in underwater photography documenting the Humpback whale populations of the South Pacific, the Sperm whale population of the Azores, shark populations of the Galapagos, Coco’s and Revillagigedos Islands marine protected areas and climate change issues in the High Arctic. Her expertise in this niche field has seen Pamela’s stills published in Ocean Geographic, Submerged Nation, Wild Aid and Conservation International campaigns.

Danny Drysdale

Danny D’s music video directing and producing career started off chaotic, hitting Number 1 in 2008 with his 3rd music video receiving "Video of The Year" by Rolling Stone Magazine and the "MTV International Platinum Award", for his second project “Human” with Las Vegas’ premier rock band “The Killers”.  He has since directed multiple projects with them, Imagine Dragons, IAMX, Cursive, Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) and Vanilla Ice, and countless others from England to Africa to Los Angeles, producing content to date in 40 countries. Working on the road with Tal Wilkenfeld and while touring with The Who, Danny created exclusive documentary content while completing a feature length documentary film with post-cold-war Russian rock gods "Mumiy Troll”, partnering with the iconic visionary Ilya Lagutenko. He has an emphasis on bringing in that extra something into the creative process, that keeps his clients returning for more as he has distinguished himself clearly as resourceful and expressive force in the music, video and film industry.  He has worked with LHGFX on multiple projects over the years, honing in closely on his attention to detail in capturing some of the most beautiful and talented models in the world.

Neill Andrews

Neill Andrews is an award winning filmmaker from the home of Hobbiton in the beautiful New Zealand. As an experienced director, video editor, cinematographer, graphic and motion designer ++, Neill has directed over 40 TV commercials, delivered thousands of hours of broadcast and online digital content for brands such as Coke, MTV, Disney, Vice, Red Bull, Mini, BMW, Channel 7 and 10 Australia, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the stars, Vodafone, L’Oreal, Revlon, Unilever, Cadbury’s to name a few, and currently creates all of NZ Opera’s online video content. Neill worked extensively in Sydney with The Conscience Organisation ( Australia’s pioneering Branded video content agency, one of the first to use video with brands to tell stories and create conversations, the beginning of the boom of branded content and a move away from traditional advertising channels and models. His time at TCO was also a profound experience as much of the work was for non profits, including, Make Poverty History, Global Citizen and OzHarvest to name a few. This was the catalyst to seeking more cause oriented creative work. Extensively honing his craft with a constant thirst for new and unique ways to tell amazing stories through imagery, Neill brings a wealth of experience to any project , with a smile and incredibly humble work ethic.

Glen Jarvis

Glen Jarvis is without a doubt a unique one-of-a-kind nutritional genius, with integrity and a burning passion to uncover the truth around the science and practical elements of optimising health. He lives and breathes all things fitness, nutrition and performance. There has never been a more dedicated individual, committed towards discovering and sharing the science behind optimal nutrition for the human body. It is through Glen's tenacious attitude, research and persistence that has seen the seeds of his cutting edge ideas flourish into a thriving health conscious community. To date he has helped thousands of people all over the world achieve maximum physical results and build their best body. Glen has your best interest 100% at heart, as he thrives on seeing people like you achieve their goals and living a fulfilled life. Coming from a serious sporting family from aged 7, competing at national level BMX competition to national swimming and the early setting of a regional record, saw his athletic potential put to the test. He played professional cricket for just a season, until at the tender age of 17 a catastrophic spinal injury changed the course of his life forever. Healing himself with training and nutrition became his mandate. An all-consuming thirst and mission to achieve elite physical performance laid the foundation that would later positively affect countless lives of others who were inspired by Glen’s success over adversity. The power of nutrition and relentless research, for all things humanly beneficial, saw Glen’s steady rise from the organic school of ultra-hard-knocks, to the highly regarded health authority that he is today. From the natural quest to master fat loss and lean muscle shape, the LiveLean Method was spawned. Then with the amazing synergy and synchronicity with Clinton, the LiveLean Method and the LiveLean PRO was truly born.

Clinton Kopittke

Clinton Kopittke is a true pioneer of the health and fitness industry. He brings the ultimate blend of detail and simplicity in his communication, to deliver his message in a way that cuts through the hype and really speaks to the hearts of his readers. He has an ability to remove confusion and move people to where they want to be, for lifelong happiness. His passion is contagious and his vision is compelling in the pursuit of helping others achieve success. Clinton's natural quest for elite performance in sport began as a vibrant youth and with outstanding athleticism, he excelled in every sport he touched. His unique athletic talent is matched only by his intellect and natural leadership skills in business, strategy and marketing. Clinton’s unique blend of skills have proven vital for the LiveLean Method movement and is helping to reach and inspire more health conscious individuals around the world. He leads by example, is honest by nature and genuinely wants to see people succeeding and winning in the game of life. There is much to learn and gain from tapping into Clinton's skills and experiences. He is the guy you want on your team, knowing you can trust that he has got your back and will be there when you need it most. Clinton is a former semi-professional athlete with a natural passion and background in health, fitness and human movement. He studied sport science, nutrition and education at university. With this he taught health, nutrition and physical education for over 10 years in secondary schools across Australia and the United Kingdom. He played representative basketball in State and National competitions across Australia. He played for the Townsville Heat (ABA) basketball team and had the opportunity to train with the Townsville Crocodiles (NBL), a professional basketball team. He also made it to the top levels of beach volleyball in Australia, playing on the Nation Pro-Tour (NBVS) events and trained regularly with the top Australian representative teams. The LiveLean Method was a lifelong quest in the making, to really master lean body shape once-and-for-all, which was forged over years of trying, testing and measuring athletic performance. Personal peak-physical results came to fruition after initial collaboration with Glen. Since then, together they have shared the vision to build the ultimate instructional fat loss recipe for life, always believing in the value behind the fundamental principles and methodology. Today the LiveLean Method and LiveLean PRO is flourishing and positively affecting the lives of thousands of people all over the globe, providing Clinton and Glen with a deep sense of fulfilment.