General Counsel and Chairwoman - Noor Kadhim from a young age I have been a creative and inquisitive person who cares about her natural and social environment. Justice is critically important to me: it inspired me to become a lawyer. However, justice does not implement itself. Conveying a message with passion to the right audiences is vital to achieve our goals. I am a writer and was a student journalist where I edited Oxford University’s influential student magazine. Today I continue to write articles in established journals on issues of relevance to me and in my fields of practice, such as the protection of world cultural heritage and international arbitration, human rights and investment. The written word is powerful but the spoken word can be even more so, delivered to the right audience. I frequently speak about social, environmental, and legal issues at conferences on different platforms. These include major universities across the world from Oxford University to branches of the American University, conferences involving States and their officials, decision-makers, and the business community. Where words do not suffice to convey our message, I believe in the potency of the power of art to mobilise the masses. As the child of two architects, my creative angle has inspired me to found and run my own art company, In The Frame ( which curates and assembles socially impactful arts events and projects. Being of Iraqi origin, my first project raised funds for an art charity for impoverished Iraqi artists by bringing established and emerging contemporary Iraqi-origin contemporary for a professional art auction in Dubai. I believe that my skills and my passion for justice and contributing to a better world are well suited to join behind the drive at Earth Angels Agency: not only to try make such a better world, but (with resources available only to Earth Angels Agency), to bring such message to the fore.

My international legal career started at Glasgow University where I studied Law with French language. After graduation I worked first at a globally significant international law firm in London, and afterwards the arbitration department of a ‘magic circle’ firm in Dubai after some time in Abu Dhabi. I have also worked for a third party litigation funder that considered, amongst others, renewables and environmental litigation ‘investments’. I have worked as Deputy Counsel in the Arab, French and English-speaking team of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) (which gained an observer status at the United Nations and participated in the Paris Climate summit). I have managed, advised on the investment in, and participated in the teams leading clients’ claims related to important issues, sometimes of global and political significance. These cases have included representing bondholders in their dispute against Greece in the Greek sovereign debt crisis, advising on international art restitution matters such as on the recovery of a stolen Van Gogh currently at Yale University alongside renowned international lawyers, and advising the United States Department of Commerce on drafting workable arbitration rules or holding workshops on the application of the ICC Rules in jurisdictions such as Bosnia and Afghanistan. I am also a Fellow of the Iraq Energy Institute and have delivered lectures on international law to oil majors and Iraqi state officials alike in Baghdad as part of my message-sending role. Through my international work and my education (that includes first class degrees including a Masters in International and Comparative Dispute Resolution) and over the course of my career, I have cultivated incredibly influential and respected contacts at the funder, government, stakeholder, legal, arts, and business community levels. I also have links to organisations such as the World Bank, and I have been asked to contribute to non profit organisations and academic literature in the field of international law, arbitration and art / cultural heritage.