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BossYachtClub is an exclusive private members club.

As a BossYachtClub member you will obtain access to the most exclusive experiences you didn’t know existed, including backstage/onstage access at concerts, private meet and greets with celebrities, red carpet access at awards shows, galas, on-field and pre game access at sporting events, live studio tapings and more.

You never have to wonder how to get tickets for the big game, get into the after party or how to meet your favorite celeb... We also have access to sold out events. As a BossYachtClub Member you’re now part of the Confirmed family.

Membership is by invitation and referral only.

The BossYachtClub Experience is a curated experience we produce in some of the world's most exotic yachting locations such as The Caribbean, Dubai, Thailand, the French Riviera and beyond. These experiences typically include a day and evening of celebrations and group activities at a luxury villa and onboard a luxury yacht, as well as associated land excursions including the very best nightclubs, restaurants, shows and VIP parties around the world.

BossYachtClub Cares is committed to creating a number of truly valuable philanthropic experiences that will connect with our members, in the illuminating of global issues.

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Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of over 20,000 family offices and other investors who have qualified for invitations to investor gatherings.

Everyone has an agenda, “Where one stands, often depends on where one sits”. Family Office Insights agenda is to grow a well curated like-minded investor community that seeks to help protect, expand, and nurture wealth for multiple generations.

We accelerate the nexus of connectivity to family office investors who invest in your type of offering or opportunity. One can meet all these family offices without a FOI investor gathering. It just may take 2-3 years. We simply convene a group of FOI member family offices who are actively investing in your type of opportunity and choose to be pitched. They attend a proper pitch arranged just for you, all in one day in New York City. We invite over 800+ mostly single-family offices with an invitation which includes a short interview that explains specifically your ask. You are the only presenter during a pitch luncheon from 12-2 PM. No other presenters and we provide the contact information. We are also able to expose your opportunity to 2000+ family offices and the 20,000+ FOI readership via our Peer Insights Report.


G.O.A.L. Advocacy provides outreach, rescue, education and assistance with care and housing solutions for chronically homeless mentally disabled women.

G.O.A.L. Advocacy, now in its 11th year has put in thousands of man hours and reached out to thousands of homeless women and has saved many lives and given hope and comfort to many helpless homeless women.

Self funded by Robin Nixon and Dennis Davis a decision had to be made, continue with limited resources as we were, or use our unique knowledge to grow and help more people...

The strategy that defines G.O.A.L. Advocacy's success is direct to patient service with direct to care services and direct relationships with care providers. This unlike the governments approach or many other homeless services, cuts out the huge intermediary administration costs.

Eleven years of service has created relationships with housing administers as well as city programs and the nurses unions. This has streamlined our effectiveness and unlike most services that extend beyond their capabilities of one on one care, G.O.A.L. Advocacy follows through its case management thus creating real recovery.

The larger one size fits all approach sadly often creates a catch and release program, where the homeless are unable to sustain the rehabilitation without continued care that can take years, not weeks or months, and after an emergency hospital admission they sadly end up back on the street. G.O.A.L. Advocacy is committed to full recovery patient management. With an efficient direct help to women and proven process, this eliminates huge administration costs.


In The Frame curates art exhibitions and interactive arts events with themes that speak to the current issues and themes of society, nature and humanity. Always, there is a universal underlying concept that asks us to probe the boundaries of our understanding of art, our environment, and the forces that shape us. 

Tied to no one physical space, ITF exhibitions can and do take place absolutely anywhere the wind takes them. Previous events have taken place at a fairtrade coffee bean roastery in Dubai, to a small independent gallery in Mayfair.

Paint A Coffee Sack For Harare

In Dubai, Raw Coffee’s beans are ethically sourced: Kim and Matt started their fairtrade roastery with the welfare of their African farmers and their families in mind. In The Frame collaborated with Raw and Jamaican London artist Amartey Golding in the painting of coffee sacks with spray paints, and in so doing, helping to raise money for a water generator for one of Raw’s coffee suppliers in Harare, Zimbabwe, where In The Frame travelled in 2012. The workshops brought Dubai workmen, residents - young and old - together for a cause: to support African coffee plantations and cooperatives.