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Pollinators Under Pressure

Narrated by LEONARDO DICAPRIO | Written and Directed by MATHEW SCHMID | Produced and Edited by LEILA CONNERS | Executive Producers GEORGE DICAPRIO & LAURA COX | A TREE MEDIA SHORT FILM

Tree Media announced on June 21, 2018 the release of a new film, Pollinators Under Pressure, about the plight of pollinators around the world and the actions we can all take to ensure their survival, and that of humans and ecosystems everywhere. 

The film will be premiered at the National Press Club this evening, and can be viewed and screened under creative common license for free.

Narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, the short film features expert voices and diverse points of view from representatives of federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and youth who are working in communities to help residents understand the impact of everyday actions on pollinators and their habitats.

“We wanted to jump start a public conversation about the dangers facing pollinators and why so much depends on their survival,” said Mathew Schmid, Writer and Director of Pollinators Under Pressure and Principal at Tree Media. “Film is a powerful tool that can move people to act, and our hope is that Pollinators Under Pressure will do just that.”

“Climate change and the environmental crises it has created is placing tremendous pressure on our planet’s pollinators and their natural habitats,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. “Tree Media has created a film that will inspire human action – and will provide the resources necessary to empower individuals to protect pollinators, their habitats, ecosystems and thereby our global food supply.”

Tree Media teamed up with experts in the science and management of pollinators and their habitats to produce a free resource guide to accompany the film. This companion guide can be used to introduce pollinators to viewers, with essential web links and key information, points for discussion, and learning activities. The guide can be adapted to suit the broader education needs of schools, nature centers, libraries and other community programs to build greater understanding of the importance of pollinators to our ecosystems and food security, and the steps everyone can take to protect pollinator health.

Earth Angels Involvement

Earth Angels will be involved in distribution of short video clips to their tens of millions of fans, illuminating the importance of pollinators around the world and the actions we can all take to ensure their survival, and that of humans and ecosystems everywhere.