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Riff Raff 

Concept: Hosted by Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp 

“Riff Raff” is a docuseries that chronicles music history from the unique perspective of the band members behind the frontmen and women. Musical geniuses whose presence may often have been overshadowed, but whose input was essential to creating the sound and shape of the songs. Riff Raff brings these people’s stories to the fore, showcasing their riffs, melodies and talents, and a great deal of what makes them tick. 

A half-hour episodic show, each week will involve interviews with three different musicians, selected according to genre and years active, to present a progressive narrative that spans the evolution of modern music. Their influences, inspirations and anecdotes will reveal the connections between both genres and other musicians. Archival footage will juxtapose images of the musicians then and now, as they reminisce upon what they were thinking and experiencing during their moments of greatest success.

Each season of six episodes will feature a different position within the band: Season 1 will cover lead guitarists, Season 2: bassists, Season 3: drummers, and Season 4, keyboardists. Like VH1’s “Behind the Music” and HBO’s “The Defiant Ones,” Pulling Strings will offer an intimate perspective and compelling details of how the music came about.

We are including a humanitarian companion project, where musicians from the show help build social infrastructure by giving musical instruments to burdened communities both domestic and foreign, with help from a musical instrument sponsor like Guitar Center. This separate documentary project with Earth Angels Agency will serve to build awareness about ongoing community issues in multiple countries. It will also generate a separate revenue stream that will continue to serve these communities.

The Team

Danny Drysdale – Producer/Director, Eight Little Crickets Productions. 

Danny is a commercial, music video and documentary director. He worked in the camera department for “The Vanilla Ice Project,” has shot videos for “The Killers,” and produced and directed the documentary films, “Vladivostok Vacation,” “SOS Matrosu,” and “Rock the Bottom.” He is owner of the comic book company, “In Hot Color.” He is an unabashed band geek with a deep appreciation for music and the ability to approach storytelling from out-of the box, unexpected angles. 

Bob Pritchard – Executive Producer, Countdown Motion Pictures. 

Bob is a Los Angeles based businessman, entrepreneur and marketing consultant. A television and live performer, he is a weekly radio show host reaching a global audience of over 576,000 people. His daily business newsletter is distributed to over 1.7M people. He is Chairman of “Countdown Motion Pictures,” an alliance of media professionals from the worlds of film, television, digital content and music. He is a consummate over- achiever, with a dazzlingly bright smile. 

Michael Garbutt – Producer, 3-Hole Punch Productions. 

Michael is a music-industry veteran, whose decades-long career has included Marketing Executive positions at ‘Polydor Records,” “Virgin Records” and “Notting Hill Music,” and Executive Director positions at “The Outside Organization” and “Lucid Communications.” He has worked with hundreds of high-profile music artists, from David Bowie to The Spice Girls, to Snoop Dogg. He has a talent and passion for nurturing long-term relationships, with countless friends throughout the business.

The Artists: 

The following guitarists’ management have expressed positive interest in their involvement on “Pulling Strings”:

- Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols
- Captain Sensible of The Damned
- Steve Diggle of The Buzzcocks
- Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds
- Andy Summers of The Police
- Alert Lee of The Everly Bros and The Cricketts
- Eric Clapton of Cream
- East Bay Ray of The Dead Kennedys
- Billy Duffy of The Cult
- Buddy Guy, Chicago Blues guitarist
- Jeff Beck of The Yardbirds
- Earl Slick of The New York Dolls, David Bowie
- Paul McCartney of The Beatles and Wings
- Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones
- Joe Perry of Aerosmith
- Chris Stein of Blondie
- Mike Rutherford of Genesis
- Johnny Marr of The Smiths
- Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
- Pete Townshend of The Who