Sponsorship Opportunity

Welcome to Earth Angels Agency,

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our films.

Our Earth Angels are required to post on their main Instagram and/or Facebook account, to support the illuminating of global issues, which in turn validates them as well as your brand which is seen to be helping to make a positive global change in association with some of the most credible charity organisations in the world.

Your brand will be placed within photos and videos and mentioned within the captions as shown in the examples below. Your brand will also receive product placement in the episode/film and trailer in association with these credible charity organisations.

Each month Earth Angels Destination Change will film for a different cause. Over the course of 8 weeks our Earth Angels will post 6 posts relating to that particular episode/film on their Instagram and/or Facebook, containing your brand as outlined below:

  1. Post 1: The Film Poster which is used to promote and advertise the episode/film will contain a mention of your brand in the caption alongside the charity organisation you are supporting (see example 1 below).

  2. Posts 2 and 3: For those models who are on-location shooting with Earth Angels that month (typically 6 models) they will post 2 times, relevant photos or videos with your brand in association with the cause we are filming. Those models who are not on location filming at the time are required to share the Film Poster to their story 2 times promoting the upcoming episode/film, which will contain appropriate tags for your brand in association with the organisations involved.

  3. Post 4: The 1 min Trailer video, which advertises the full episode/film, which shows highlights from the film including Earth Angels filming on-location including 5 seconds of your brand product placement in association with the cause, along with a mention of your brand in the caption (see example 2 below).

  4. Posts 5 and 6: Twice a month our Earth Angels will post to their Instastory / Facebook story the film poster or trailer video with your brand tagged as a sponsor along with a direct link to the full content-for-good episode/film we are drawing awareness to that month, which will contain 1 minute product placement of your brand. These will be posted the following month when the episode/film is released.

As our exclusive brand sponsor your brand will also receive:

  1. Product placement of your brand shown throughout the final episode/film for a minimum of 1 minute. Each episode is expected to receive millions of views throughout the year across multiple film and TV media platforms.

  2. A 1 minute brand video to post on your own social media, which features mainly shots of your brand shot on location during the filming of the episode in association with the cause.

  3. The episode/film trailer video for you to post on your own social media which contains 5 seconds product placement of your brand.

In summary that means over the course of a few months, our Earth Angels will have posted content for good multiple times, which validates your brand by association alongside some of the most credible charity organisations in the world, which is seen by millions of people around the world.

Example 1 - Static Image of Film Poster with brand sponsor association in caption



INFLUENCERS_INSTAGRAM As a proud Earth Angel I would like to thank @YourBrand for their financial support so that we could help to create the film David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Orphans' Project. This is a documentary about the hugely successful elephant and rhino rescue and rehabilitation program in Kenya, East Africa.

Financial support from @YourBrand also means that Earth Angels can foster orphan elephants and also adopt a school to provide children with 50 new desks, sports equipment, field trips and every element of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's educational program, delivered by their trained Anti-Poaching Units.

Stay tuned for this episode in the Earth Angels Destination Change series, as we travel with the world's most beautiful models around the globe, seeking solutions to our greatest obstacles.

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Example 2 - Video Trailer (autoplay with brand product placement in video and mention in caption)



INFLUENCERS_INSTAGRAM As a proud Earth Angel I would like to thank @YourBrand for their financial support in helping to make Rhino Shield, which documents Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife’s (VETPAW) counter-poaching operations in South Africa.

Please visit www.EarthAngelsAgency.com/Rhino-Shield to view the full movie on demand. 100% of the money raised from on demand views will be provided to VETPAW by Earth Angels, to help VETPAW continue their counter-poaching operations in South Africa.

#YourBrand #rhinoshield #movie #rhino #southafrica #antipoaching #earthangelsagency #earthangels #contentforgood #documentary #film #charity #philanthropy

Sponsorship Packages

Each month Earth Angels focuses on a different episode as outlined above. Please discuss sponsorship pricing with our Earth Angels Agency sponsorship representative. Pricing is very reasonable and varies depending on collective reach of our Earth Angels across social media who are supporting that particular episode and how many episodes you decide to sponsor. We’ll tailer a package to suit. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

Please view our upcoming events we’re inviting philanthropists to attend, which are currently available for sponsorship.