Earth Angels Standard of Compliance

Earth Angels are held to a strict code of conduct in order to comply with the highest values of Earth Angels.

Earth Angels agree to share social media posts about related causes with a view to create awareness of scientists and activists work and the work of the not-for-profit organisations Earth Angels align with. Earth Angels are by no means permitted to become activists for a related cause and by doing so will lead to termination of Earth Angels functions. 

The process of educating and inducting them in to the culture of Earth Angels is something Earth Angels Destination Change takes very seriously and is paramount to the success of each expedition and documentary.

This is important for the following reasons:

  • Allows Earth Angels to control relevant social media content.

  • Allows related not-for-profit organisations to ensure consistency with their key mission, values and purpose.

  • Security issues pertaining to environmental activism exist, therefore it is important for the safety of all Earth Angel models that personal activism is not entered in to.

  • No matter how strongly a particular model feels on a particular subject, he/she must keep to the well thought out key message points and topics provided.

  • A list of content topics and key messages will be provided to all Earth Angels models that they can then choose from to share with their audience.