Executive Team

President & CEO - Clynt Blacklaws after running a successful IT company in New Zealand for 12 years, Clynt architected and developed a number of innovative technology platforms for many publicly listed companies. He developed and licensed his own proprietary software and apps which have been distributed domestically and internationally. In 2009 Clynt decided to take his flare for creativity into the realm of film and media. Since then Clynt and his team at BossMediaEmpire have shot over 11,500 celebrity and music events around the world for some of the world's biggest names and brands. Clynt and his team also produced high-end branded video content featuring many of the world's leading influencer models. Clynt has a strong vision for environmental issues, which has led to the creation of BossYachtClub, Earth Angels Agency as an opportunity to give back and raise global awareness through the production of documentary films about urgent issues facing the future of our planet.

Writer, Producer – Michael Nash is a Irish/American filmmaker who MovieMaker Magazine named Nash one of the “Top 10 MovieMakers Of The Planet”. Nash founded Beverly Hills Productions over a decade ago, and recently an honored recipient of the Social Change Global Institute Filmmaker of the Year Award, the California Conservation Champion Award and the Neiman Marcus Humanitarian Visions Filmmaker Award.  Nash has recently finished three documentaries soon to be released, HomeBase (about 2nd Hand PTSD) a co-production with Harvard Law School Global Negotiation Program, Life Is A Movie (the journey of Larry Moyer and Shel Silverstein) and The Messenger, a documentary about Muslim filmmaker Moustapha Akkad 1977 film about peace. Nash’s multi-award winning Climate Refugees was the only film screened by the United Nations at the recent IIEA Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and Davos for world leaders and policymakers. Climate Refugees had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and was noted by Robert Redford in the NY Times “as an agent for social change.” The film went on to win multiple awards both domestically and internationally. In 2017, Nash was instrumental in the inter-faith distribution of Leonardo DiCaprio’s film Before The Flood.

Currently, Nash has six television shows in development/pre-production. Nash’s narrative feature films, the critically acclaimed film titled “Fuel,” won top feature film honors at Nebraska and around the globe. Nash is a global keynote speaker on issues of humanity, climate stress, food security and migration. He consults with several leaders of the world, governments and organization internationally. A partial list includes DAVOS, Harvard University, MIT, The Pentagon, US House and Senate, American Security Project, UN, UNEP, UNHCR, UNU. Nash is a judge at several film festivals and has done consulting work for Hearst, NBC, TNT, TBS and Turner Sports.

Business Development Executive, Writer, Producer – Pamela Martin currently works as feature editor for Ocean Geographic, is a Submerged Nation Ambassador and Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore. Highlights of her career include; working as a United Nations photographer, covering President Jose Ramos Horta’s last weeks in office, shooting the Presidential Portrait for President Taur Matan Ruak and working on numerous book covers. She has covered a range of stories for Getty Images, Fairfax, Reuters, Australian Associated Press, Ocean Geographic, The Guardian and TIME Online. Her love of the ocean and diving has seen Pamela specialise in underwater photography documenting the Humpback whale populations of the South Pacific, the Sperm whale population of the Azores, shark populations of the Galapagos, Coco’s and Revillagigedos Islands marine protected areas and climate change issues in the High Arctic. Her expertise in this niche field has seen Pamela’s stills published in Ocean Geographic, Submerged Nation, Wild Aid and Conservation International campaigns.

Writer, Producer – Robin Nixon is co-founder of G.O.A.L. Advocacy. Robin has served as a two Term Governor to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. (The GRAMMY’S). Robin started his career in the early 90’s Production Designing movies for legendary Producer Roger Corman. During this period he worked alongside some of Hollywood’s elite, Janusz Kaminski (Steven Spielberg), Wally Pfister (Oscar winning DP’s.) Robin designed music videos and achieved multiple number one placement for bands such as Oasis, Boy’s II Men, and The Fugees. Recognized as a pioneer in the Electronic Music genre, Robin was an early producer of large-scale music festivals (ORACLE’ LA) and worked creative services for Coachella and Stagecoach. Robin also designed and managed the music strategy for Urban Outfitters with record stores in London, New York and Los Angeles. Robin serves on many GRAMMY committees with a leadership role in Electronic Dance Music and long-term advisor to the Producers and Engineers Wing and Music Video short and long form. He is a board member of EDM.ME and a board member of Fine Arts Non Profit ‘Create Fixate’ providing inner city Arts Education for the under privileged. Robin is a founding member of the LA District Homeless Coalition. He received U.S. residence as an Artist of Extraordinary Merit and has been awarded 3 ADDY Awards and 2 International Summit Awards.

General Council – Noor Kadhim has over ten years’ experience in the investment and commercial arbitration domain, and (most recently) has gained experience in advising investors on cases in the renewable energy sphere. Noor also has experience in advising funds on investing in arbitration claims and has lectured in public international law matters, including repatriation of cultural heritage for States. She has advised investors, companies, individuals, States, and organizations on conducting arbitrations and has represented them in live matters that concluded or were ultimately settled. Noor has gained numerous academic accolades including First Class degrees from renowned international universities, at undergraduate and Masters level. Her extensive experience also includes working in-house on arbitration matters at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris where she administered over 100 cases including several matters against States or State-owned entities. Noor is passionate about the environment, human rights and the causes that EAA supports. As a qualified advocate for these causes, Noor represents EAA and protect its interests at the legal and international level, at global conferences and across the multiple jurisdictions in which it operates.

Global Fundraising Chairman – Captain Charlie Dennis, is an international jet-setter! Dennis lives and works between Nairobi, Dubai and Monaco as a contract pilot and also manages private jet and helicopter charters through his charter company Wizz Jets International as President of the company. Dennis’s clients consist of diplomats, corporate executives, celebrities, Royal families world wide and ultra-high net-worth individuals. Dennis travels all over the world hosting luxury events with a focus on luxury brands. Dennis is British educated and speaks fluent English thus have been tapped to represent as brand ambassador of several international high end brands including Nike, Young & Minted, Louis1880 Luxury Vodka and BossYachtClub worldwide. Dennis’s focus is on specialized events, product launches, experiential campaigns and media coverage.

Business Development Executive – Chris Klug has had a successful 24-year career in technology sales and business consulting working for companies like Nordstrom, Intel, Xerox, Microsoft and Salesforce. Chris has a history of successfully using his certifications in Lean Six Sigma process optimization, a Project Management Professional certification from UC Berkley, an executive MBA in Global Business Management from St. Galen University graduating with distinction and a certification in applying AI to business strategy and processes from MIT Sloan. At Intel, Microsoft and Salesforce Chris was responsible for some of the most strategic fortune 100 accounts. At Microsoft Chris managed the global business relationship with Cisco. At Salesforce Chris managed the global relationship with General Electric. Chris has a career of exceeding quota by cultivating and maintaining excellent relationships. Chris is an expert in the entire customer experience lifecycle and in connecting the physical to the digital. Chris has dedicated his life to philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Chris is also the CEO and founder of Gothic Gin which dedicates 5% of profit to philanthropy.

VP Strategic Partnerships – Keara Sauber, through her global network Keara is an expert of networking and has built longstanding and trusted relationships with alternative lenders, family offices, private equity, venture capitalists, hedge funds, business advisors, professional service companies, executives and institutional investors. She is an esteemed and respected industry expert and a precision matchmaker within the alternative investment space.  She helps clients learn her skills in building such relationships, getting your foot in the door, and going to market with a new strategy. Ms. Sauber began her career at GSK in a top sales role while winning multiple awards for running a $20+million-dollar territory while performing an analyst role while on a rotation.  After working in the healthcare space, Keara joined a fintech specialty lender backed by Goldman Sachs as Vice President. As an executive at a fast growth fintech company Keara worked to build strategic partnerships with companies in various verticals to build proprietary lending solutions therefore helping businesses achieve their financial goals through access to capital.  In 2017 Keara and her team originated more than $50 million in capital needs in the healthcare sector. She is also a strategic advisor to an international ecofriendly building supplies company assisting them in expanding the distribution into the Americas by closing over $3 million dollars in sales in North America and Canada through tactical marketing and sales initiatives. Keara is a co-chair for Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers and a co-finance chair for a NY State assembly candidate, Joseph Pinion III.  Keara is an avid traveler visiting over 30 countries and is well versed in various cultures and customs. Keara holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees from Seton Hall university in Marketing with a minor in finance and a Bachelor of Science in Management with a minor in psychology.

VP of Philanthropy – Roxy Robinson, is a female entrepreneur from South Africa. She is a woman of many talents and started her business journey in 2004 with a promotional modeling agency and gradually spread her wings to multiple new businesses. Roxy is the owner of a successful event company known as Pick A Flava Events and concierge company Roxstar Concierge that provides services to niche clientele across the world. Her ventures have partnership relations in more than 124 countries making her a global business icon. She is the epitome of a self-made powerful woman and reached to this point through consistent hard work and dedication towards her dreams, which inspires many other women seeking establishment in the business world.

VP of Philanthropy – Alexander Khazai, after running a successful PR a marketing company for 12 years in Beverly Hills, was a pivotal player in the passing of Measure H, where he brought on key partners and celebrities and coordinated promotions and events. Alexander’s family have created positive change and movements throughout history for refugees, women and education for all. Alexander’s grandmother, Touran Mikail Jahanbin was the first female dentist in Iran and was awarded “Woman of the Year” from the Sephardic Temple; she traveled to underprivileged cities with her husband, Dr. Mikail, who was also a dentist, to provide free dental service. His family also went on to donate hospitals, temples, schools and created international universities which taught all languages, enabled women to gain professional knowledge and DDS degrees.

Chief Technology Officer – Ben N.T. Le is a well-rounded Leader, serial Entrepreneur, and decentralized-media Expert with over a decade of professional experiences spanning across a variety of industries globally, including Private Equity Real Estates Investments, Corporate Strategy consulting, Angel & Social-Impacts investments, and Blockchain Technologies.

Creative Team - Earth Angels Destination Change

The independently operated multi award winning filmmakers, talent and crew Earth Angels Agency have partnered with, have created films that have been nominated for Academy Awards and have been a huge force in the largest film festival market including top awards at Sundance, Cannes, Berlin and Toronto. Their films and TV projects have screened in theatres, television networks, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, globally as well as at The White House, The Pentagon, The Vatican, DAVOS and universities around the world.

DP, Editor – Neill Andrews is an award winning film maker from the home of Hobbiton in the beautiful New Zealand. As an experienced director, video editor, cinematographer, graphic and motion designer ++, Neill has directed over 40 TV commercials, delivered thousands of hours of broadcast and online digital content for brands such as Coke, MTV, Disney, Vice, Red Bull, Mini, BMW, Channel 7 and 10 Australia, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the stars, Vodafone, L’Oreal, Revlon, Unilever, Cadbury’s to name a few, and currently creates all of NZ Opera’s online video content. Neill worked extensively in Sydney with The Conscience Organisation (theconscience.org) Australia’s pioneering Branded video content agency, one of the first to use video with brands to tell stories and create conversations, the beginning of the boom of branded content and a move away from traditional advertising channels and models. His time at TCO was also a profound experience as much of the work was for non profits, including, Make Poverty History, Global Citizen and OzHarvest to name a few. This was the catalyst to seeking more cause oriented creative work. Extensively honing his craft with a constant thirst for new and unique ways to tell amazing stories through imagery, Neill brings a wealth of experience to any project , with a smile and incredibly humble work ethic.

DP – Jordan Alber - Following the end of his IB diploma Jordan gained lifelong admirations for Philosophy, Biology and Geography, he was then accepted into a 4-year practical film production course at the University for the Creative Arts in Surrey, UK, where he specialized in the art of cinematography. Jordan became very passionate about the power of documentary during his studies, in particular David Attenborough and BBC Earths’ nature documentaries, the journey-like inclusive approach of auteur documentary filmmakers Louis Theroux and Nick Broomfield, and the incredible impact that a sincerely-made documentary such as Louie Psihoyos’ The Cove and Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing, can have on the global consciousness. Currently, Alber has a feature film documentary in development/pre-production, following the psychological repercussions of surviving genocide and the search for reconciliation on both a personal and national level. Jordan and his team moved for 4 months to Cambodia to focus the first section of their documentary towards the survivors and perpetrators of the Cambodian Genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge regime within the 70’s.

Photographers Lee Hagen, and twin brothers Harry and Allen Grigsby The LHGFX photography team has worked with the best and most recognized fitness models in the world. Lee, Harry and Allen for the past decade the team has personally helped develop, shoot, or instruct many of the top leaders in the fitness and modeling industry. These models include Michelle Lewin, Paige Hathaway, Sandra Prikker, Lauren Drain just to name a few, as well as the newest upcoming models such as Katelyn Runck, Amy Lee Summers, Holly Barker,  Amy Leigh Quine and many more. Shooting over 200 different models a year, their passion for capturing the beauty and physique of each model has continued to help make the LHGFX team the top in the world. The team has been published in every prominent fitness and glamour magazine both nationally and internationally including features in Sports Illustrated and on the production team for Maxim. In addition to magazine covers and inside features, they have worked on campaigns branding some of the largest supplement companies on the planet, shooting the imagery for Cellucor, GAT, USN, Magnum, SciTech, PEScience, Dymatize, MusclePharm and BodyBuilding.Com as well as many others.

Danny Drysdale is an Award-winning filmmaker and producer. Just your every day Bay Area's DIY underground punk scene drummer from the angst ridden 1990s turned visionary artist and producer, Danny actively elaborates his vision for music, literature and entertainment in various genres and platforms; all the while surfing the bleeding edge of innovation. His work started in NY and Berlin, sleeping on cold floors, traveling nonstop, capturing the verité and harsh life moments of females in skateboarding that were trying to wedge themselves into a scene that was deeply rooted in business practices that underestimated their gender. Over a decade later, with life stories captured in 40+ different countries - his client list has grown to documenting the iconic, in either music video or documentary form.  At his core he has an insatiable energy to build teams to accomplish various goals in common. His client and key contacts list includes: Ilya Lagutenko, Russian Rock and Roll Icon, Founder of VROX in Asia,  Keith Clark, Diamond Producer in Hip Hop, Robert Reynolds, Reynolds Management, Mac Reynolds, Reynolds Management, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Daryl Bamonte, BAM (artist management), Brad Johnson (Film Producer) while Various past and present projects include the talents of Roger Ebert, Larry King, Crispin Glover, Paul Giamatti, Terrence Howard, Jonathan Caouette, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey (The Who), Jackson Browne, Marie Osmond and Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode), Vanilla Ice, Tal Wilkenfeld, and many others.

Writer – Gia Ray resides in Virginia, USA. As the creator and spokesmodel for "Destination Change" she is excited to work with Earth Angels and combine her two great passions - film and activism - using her visibility as a model to spark positive change in the world. Gia got her start as an activist at the young age of five when she discovered that her favorite food came from her beloved animals... pigs. She began volunteering and demonstrating with "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" (PETA) and frequented Washington, DC as well as circuses to protest animal cruelty. Around the same age, Gia started acting in community theatres and found her 'calling' as an actress. Her passion for performing led her to the Governor's School of the Arts where she attended high school. Gia went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Shenandoah Conservatory as well as completing a semester in film at New York University's art school - TISCH. Continuing on with her love of animals, after college Gia took off for the rainforest in Panama to work with abandoned and disabled monkeys.