Climate Refugees 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the award winning film Climate Refugees. The new film titled Climate Refugees 2.

“A film about the human face of climate change.”

Climate Refugees 2 is an important and timely documentary that investigates the unbelievable plight of people around the world displaced by climatically-induced environmental disasters. The film will continue where the first multi award winning film “Climate Refugees” stopped. The global documentary will illuminate the human face of climate change as civilization now finds itself, facing the confluence of overpopulation, lack of resources and a changing climate.

Climate Refugees 2 will be a proactive, solutions based documentary that will illuminate a blue print, next steps forward approach to litigate, mitigate and adapt to our changing world.


The Jaws Effect

Forget Vampires, Tsunami Disasters or Zombie Apocalypses, the Great White Shark has been universally feared since the making of the blockbuster movie Jaws in 1975. Considered one of the greatest films ever made, Jaws became the highest grossing film of all time, until the release of Star Wars.

While there should be no doubt its intention was to entertain and be seen as the creative genius of fiction that it was, it unfortunately has also created a forty-year publicity nightmare for world-wide shark populations.

Earth Angles mission through this documentary is to delve in to some of the misconceptions surrounding sharks today and educate viewers on the plight of the Great White shark. 

Travelling to the shark nurseries of Guadalupe, Mexico with leading marine biologists and activists we will discover the true nature of the Great White Shark.

Through cage diving and deploying a maned submersible to venture deep in to the unknown world of the Great White shark we will document and witness first-hand the habits and behaviours of this incredible apex predator.

Since the 1950’s we have lost 90% of sharks from our oceans, if we lose the apex predators, we in turn will witness the collapse of the ocean ecosystem in our lifetime, sealing not only the fate of our oceans but life on earth as we know it. 


The Next Fight

The Next Fight documentary written by Pamela Martin, is based on the giant manta gill-plate trade and how it is decimating a species.

We are losing the fight to save global shark populations due to factory fishing practices and our unquenchable thirst for shark fin soup. As shark populations decrease the need to find alternative products has begun in the form of the manta gill-plate trade.


The Emperors Last Meal

Documenting the fight to save the apex predator of our oceans; Costa Rica.

The Earth Angels team heads to Costa Rica to tell the tragic story of dwindling world shark populations and the fight to save the apex predator of our oceans. Since the 1950’s we have lost 90% of sharks from our oceans, if we lose the apex predators, we in turn will witness the collapse of the ocean ecosystem in our lifetime, sealing not only the fate of our oceans, but life on earth as we know it. 

The ecosystem is like playing dominos on a grand scale. The carry-on effect of losing an apex predator, such as the shark, means the rest of the ecosystem would soon follow suit.



Nixon is an multi-award-winning film maker, producer and philanthropist with over 2 decades experience in Hollywood and global productions. He is co-founder of the G.O.A.L. (Gift Of A Life) Advocacy Foundation – a homeless outreach organization founded in Los Angeles in 2006. G.O.A.L. provides outreach, care, recovery and housing solutions for handicapped homeless women. 

After over a decade on the front line of the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, Nixon is ready to tell... 

Each episode will highlight a different aspect of the global homeless crisis. Why some countries have it, other countries donʼt and what we can learn from their successes and failures. 

HOMELESS explores perspectives from experts in human science, political factors and governance, geocentric trends and the rise of global wealth and poverty. We will hear unique stories of peoples path to homelessness and stories from the first responders, care givers, and those involved in the homeless industry. We see how mental health and governance factor into the homeless equation. 



If someone is found in the possession of less than a 10-day supply of anything from marijuana to heroin, he or she is sent to a three-person Commission for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction, typically made up of a lawyer, a doctor and a social worker. The commission recommends treatment or a minor fine; otherwise, the person is sent off without any penalty. A vast majority of the time, there is no penalty.

Fourteen years after decriminalization, Portugal has not been run into the ground by a nation of drug addicts. In fact, by many measures, it's doing far better than it was before. 

This film explores first hand the dramatic effects of this policy, with Earth Angels front and center in the investigation. We will look for answers to the difficult questions surrounding the taboo of drug use, the effects it has on families and cultures, and the individuals who have been saved first hand by the government’s otherwise risky policies. 


The Very Last Forest in Brazil 

About half of the world's tropical forests have been cleared, according to the FAO. Forests currently cover about 30 percent of the world’s landmass, according to National Geographic. The Earth loses 18.7 million acres of forests per year, which is equal to 27 soccer fields every minute, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It is estimated that 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation. 

If deforestation continues at its current rate, the entire Amazon Rainforest will be depleted by the end of the 21st century. Some of the valuable fruits, spices and other plants that this gem yields include coconuts, avocados, lemons, grapefruit, bananas, guavas, figs, oranges, pineapples, mangos, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, rice, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, sugar cane, turmeric, coffee, vanilla nuts and cashew nuts. 

Incredibly, about 25% of the modern prescription drugs that come from plants actually hail from rainforest vegetation. These include drugs that tackle cancer, AIDS symptoms, viruses and infections.


Riff Raff

Concept: Hosted by Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp 

“Riff Raff” is a docuseries that chronicles music history from the unique perspective of the band members behind the frontmen and women. Musical geniuses whose presence may often have been overshadowed, but whose input was essential to creating the sound and shape of the songs. Riff Raff brings these people’s stories to the fore, showcasing their riffs, melodies and talents, and a great deal of what makes them tick.

We are including a humanitarian companion project, where musicians from the show help build social infrastructure by giving musical instruments to burdened communities both domestic and foreign, with help from a musical instrument sponsor like Guitar Center. This separate documentary project with Earth Angels Agency will serve to build awareness about ongoing community issues in multiple countries. It will also generate a separate revenue stream that will continue to serve these communities.