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We at Earth Angels Agency believe that it is possible to do good and still do well financially. Earth Angels are world class influencer models, who collectively reach tens of millions of people across social media and are passionate and determined to make a lasting positive global change.

Beverly Hills Productions is a film and television company who for over a decade has created award-winning content that entertains as well as educates. Their films have helped change global policy and illuminate global issues to Heads of State. Their content has been screened worldwide in theatres, TV networks, digital streams like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, at The White House, DAVOS, The House of Senate, The Vatican, The Pentagon, the UN General Assembly to leaders of the world and universities around the world. Earth Angels Agency has partnered with Michael Nash the founder of Beverly Hills Productions, to build a new “content for good” platform and the core focus will be to fund and mentor documentary films and television shows.

Earth Angels Agency will drive universal stories that need to be told to the masses via strategic alliances with Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, CNN, NBC, CBS, Discovery, History Channel and Sundance Institute. In addition to normal distribution channels, Earth Angels will allocate their reach and resources for positive change.

Earth Angels will appear in films, working alongside award winning filmmakers producing much needed ‘content-for-good.’ The core of our content will cover many global issues including: endangered species, poaching, climate change, global fisheries collapse, ocean pollution, homelessness, sex-trafficking, media of false flags, gender equality, child mortality, hunger, resource migration, disease pandemics, nuclear security, cybersecurity, pollinators, universal education, factory farming, biosecurity and many other issues in need of the spotlight.

Earth Angels Agency has developed close relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies. By connecting Earth Angels models with brands, in exchange for social media exposure and product placement into our films, Earth Angels Agency receives income from the brand sponsors.

The top documentary filmmakers in the world spend around 80% of their time in search of funding and 20% of their time telling stories. Earth Angels Agency is changing that, we want story tellers to tell stories that will educate and entertain the world. We will link top global filmmakers together with Earth Angels create content that can change the world.

In a corrupt world of financing, where truth is hard to find, blockchain is solving this issue by decentralized global transactions and illuminating accountability. In the media world where once honorable news networks now simply feed ideologies, and more countries seem content to exist under a fluttering false flag, we at Earth Angels Agency believe that filmmakers who are making "content for good" can decentralize media by funding independent investigative journalistic films.

Earth Angels Agency is also committed to creating a number of truly valuable philanthropic filming experiences that will connect with high-net-worth individuals who will follow Earth Angels around the globe as we travel with the world's most beautiful models, seeking solutions to our greatest obstacles.

Once the films are finished Earth Angels will disrupt distribution by pushing short video clips and film trailers to millions of global citizens, using their global reach to change the world, while illuminating the importance of “content for good.” Our films will have a powerful launch into television, digital streaming, education and interfaith global distribution by using brand integration and social media channels. In addition Earth Angels will support the film and media campaigns for red carpet events, film festivals and world premieres.

The films will be used as a tool to raise millions of dollars for the most efficient and effectively run not-for-profit organisations in the world, to support the illumination of global issues. Earth Angels will become a beacon of light, hope and change for good. The world will come to know all about Earth Angels via the continuous campaign of press-and-media releases we have planned to support our endeavours.

While Earth Angels Agency seeks to maintain returns for our shareholders, our business model reflects our values. Creating a sustainable future that strives to benefit people, the planet and profit is our mission. Together we will explore new and innovative ways of creating lasting, positive change.

Earth Angels Agency is currently in the process of identifying diverse and viable opportunities to invest in, which advance social and environmental solutions, which we can promote through our content-for-good films and which our Earth Angels can market to the world. Earth Angels Agency will make impact investments with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.



The following content for good projects are currently supported by Earth Angels Agency as outlined above.


Climate Refugees 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the award winning film Climate Refugees. The new film titled Climate Refugees 2.

“A film about the human face of climate change.”

Climate Refugees 2 is an important and timely documentary that investigates the unbelievable plight of people around the world displaced by climatically-induced environmental disasters. The film will continue where the first multi award winning film “Climate Refugees” stopped. The global documentary will illuminate the human face of climate change as civilization now finds itself, facing the confluence of overpopulation, lack of resources and a changing climate.

Climate Refugees 2 will be a proactive, solutions based documentary that will illuminate a blue print, next steps forward approach to litigate, mitigate and adapt to our changing world.


Earth Angels Destination Change

As humans, we are drawn to beauty. As humans with a conscience, we are drawn to capturing impactful actions with the hopes of making the world a better place.

Earth Angels have a social media audience into the millions. The Earth Angels Destination Change documentary series will use this incredible resource to its full potential, creating real positive change, highlighting the beauty, pain and courageous people fighting for change. Combining documentary, high end photoshoots and short highly shareable digital content, our goal is to create a beautiful and inspiring series that creates maximum reach and maximum impact.


Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield Movie documents Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife’s (VETPAW) counter-poaching operations in South Africa. Emmy Award-winning Filmmaker Billy Ward focuses on VETPAW’s dedication to the endangered rhino and local communities. Rhino Shield provides an uncensored view of the work VETPAW is doing in the field. This film is merely a glimpse of the work being done by the organization. Along with fighting for animal rights, VETPAW employs and empowers post 911 veterans by allowing team members to use their training in the field. They also engage with and educate local communities. The humility of these men and women is incomparable. Rhino Shield is the untold story of those who risk their lives to preserve our global environment.

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Pollinators Under Pressure

Tree Media announced on June 21, 2018 the release of a new film, Pollinators Under Pressure, about the plight of pollinators around the world and the actions we can all take to ensure their survival, and that of humans and ecosystems everywhere.

Narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, the short film features expert voices and diverse points of view from representatives of federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and youth who are working in communities to help residents understand the impact of everyday actions on pollinators and their habitats.